Our Mission:

To provide preparedness skill sets to citizens to manage disruptive events and to respond effectively in crisis.  We provide free education programs so you and your family are prepared for whatever disaster may present.

We also assure that our programs include preparedness for others including

  • Seniors
  • Disabled
  • Sick/injured
  • ​Families with small children
  • Those who live alone
  • Homeless/near homeless
  • English as a second language

And more.

  • For those with pets or love of animals,                      please go to our sister department (link):

Animals in Disaster, Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry.org/disaster

Volunteer for 2 minutes?

If you feel we make a difference, please click on this link to give OUR division a review in our host non-profit,

Animals in Disaster, Empty Bowl Pets to help encourage new  donors to fund our programs!


Governor Doug Ducey’s   

AZ State Citizens Corp Council

(click for State Citizen corp information)

We at America R U Prepared, are proud to become partners, as a separate division of "Animals in Disaster, Empty Bowl Pet food Pantry, to  maximize work, resources, connections and teams that has already been created in Arizona.  

We elected to not create our own non profit, but to join a  7 year old nonprofit/volunteer  FEMA government response agency that has served Arizona for 7 years to work for those in crisis! 

To  learn about this unique partnership read further about how this relationship care to be, click here!

Donors of in-kind and cash donations, please go to guidestar.org  (click) to view the financials and transparency of our parent organization. our designated donations will be give to our department for services

Awareness, Activities, Classes  In-Person or Online

for Your Safety, Health and Disaster needs!


If you see your self as a leader who wants to help your community in crisis, whether it is at:

  • the Neighborhood (HOA/Blockwatch type),
  • Church/non-profit/business or community group,
  • City/County or State level
  • Liaison with Government Agencies
  • Government Training in CERT/MRC FEMA & more 

Please consider joining our Citizens Corp

(even if you don't live in Maricopa County or Arizona),

to access tools and resources

to help in YOUR community!

email us here

America R U Prepared  EIN: 01-0975325

Division of Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

610 E. Bell Rd, Ste, 2-271, Phoenix, Az 85022

Administration Phone: 602-530-4929 

To see our current free class schedules:​

For the east valley:   Click Meetup Link Here

For the west valley:  Click Meetup Link Here