David Waller

Co-Founder of Mesa R U Prepared. HAM radio operator and resource for all things technical.  Representative of America R U Prepared to the Board of Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry.


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America R U Prepared

Donations fund our educational programs and keep them free to the public.  They also help us defer costs of materials, printing and instructors.

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CJ Anderson

CEO and founder of Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry.

To have the best community  outreach to our education we utilize Meetup to schedule and  track our meeting. Come and attend our free educations programs:

In west and central phoenix:

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Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

America R U Prepared  EIN: 01-0975325
Division of Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry
610 E. Bell Rd, Ste, 2-271, Phoenix, Az 85022
Administration Phone: 602-530-4929 


To provide preparedness skill sets to citizens to manage disruptive events and to respond effectively in crisis. We provide free education programs so you and your family are prepared for whatever disaster may present.  We also assure that our programs include preparedness for others including​:    

    Seniors and those with Disabilities
    ​Families with small children
    Those who live alone

​    Pets

We at America R U Prepared, are proud to become partners, as a separate division of "Animals in Disaster, Empty Bowl Pet food Pantry", to  maximize work, resources, connections and teams that has already been created in Arizona.  

Donors see our financial transparency and five star rating at at Guidestar.org

Michelle Waller

Founder of the Mesa R U Prepared group which is now America R U Prepared.  Registered nurse and community educator.  Now serving as the COO for our parent 501C3 organization Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry.